Project Overview
Product Overview:
The Microsoft Dev Center is a one stop portal for uploading, managing and publishing Windows Universal Products (UWP's) to the Windows Store

- App-centric approach to site navigation makes feature discoverability difficult.  User unable to compare feature performance across applications

- No option to bulk/sequentially create items (Push Notifications, Targeted Offers, etc).  User is  forced to create Push Notification(s) for Product A -> navigate back to the Apps Overview page -> select Product B -> create Push Notification(s) for Product B.  This creates a huge time sink for developers that want to create a push notification , i.e. for ALL their products for a Holiday Sale

- No existing or consistent first run experience for feature sets.  Users would normally land on a blank page with a single CTA button which was not a very engaging or delightful experience

- Dense, long page flows for features which require new users to navigate to help documentation to understand feature values and use cases (A/B testing with a  <2% completion rate)

- Redesigned global approach to site navigation, which better represents the life-cycle of app development (One Dashboard)

- Introduction of First Run Experience+ (FRE+) to better communicate feature value props, how other users are benefiting from a feature, a short explainer video  and specific use cases for the feature

- Application of new One Dashboard principles and general UX improvements the following feature areas: Attract (Campaigns, Promo Codes) Engage (Customer Groups, Targeted offers, Push Notifications), Monetize (In-app Ads)

- First Run+ experience flows following feature areas: Attract (Campaigns, Promo Codes) Engage (Customer Groups, Targeted Offers, Push Notifications), Monetize (In-app Ads)

- Content page redesigns for, applying new Fluent Design principles

- Reusable components (e.g. reordable tables) to be used across entire Dev Center engineering organization
Microsoft One Dashboard Navigation

Previous App-Centric Approach:
- User must navigate to an app first to access Dev Center feature sets

- Top level (blue) nav links away to individual pages

Previous Apps Overview Page

Previous App Level Navigation

New Global One Dashboard Approach:
- Dev Center tools and feature sets have been elevated globally and now appear in the new left nav

- Top level nav links (Cortana, Office, Groove) have also moved to the left nav and load within the page

New Apps Overview Page

- Feature sets removed from the left nav of a product page (increased discoverability)

New App Level Navigation
Feature ReDesigns
Campaign Redesigns w/ One dashboard principles and FRE+

Previous Campaigns Flow:
- Unclear value proposition to user

- No help links or instructional text

- Duplicate call-to-actions

Previous Campaigns Landing Page

New One Dashboard Campaigns Wireframes:
- Show aggregated metrics from other developers to drive excitement or value behind a feature

- More inviting instructional copy

- Specific use cases for the feature

New Campaigns Landing Page 

New Campaigns Landing Page (High Fidelity)

Campaigns Page - First Run+ Experience

Campaigns Page - First Run+ Experience
Experimentation Redesigns w/ One dashboard principles and FRE+

Previous Experimentation Flow:
- Weak value proposition to user

- Instructions are vague, user has to navigate away from page to read help documentation

Previous Experimentation Landing Page

- Fragmented flow for creating experiments.  First step is to create a project and declare testing variables but it is unclear that there are following steps.

Previous Experimentation Configuration (Project)

- SDK intergration and Experiment creation are hidden behind the save button (<2% completion rate)

- SDK integration as the middle step is viewed as an unnecessary obstacle for creating experiments, should be displayed at the end of the process. 

Previous Experimentation Configuration (Project)

- Experiment configuration is displayed as a long page scroll and can appear overwhelming to new users, also leading to drop-offs

Previous Experimentation Configuration 
New Experimentation Landing Page

New Experimentation Configuration


"It's UI is clean and easy to use, also responsive and universal." 
(NpsRating 5)

Have you seen iTunesConnect and the Google Play Developer Console? Dev Center is way, way easier to use. 
(NpsRating 5)

The things I'm interested in most aren't buried deep where I can't find them.
Visual Designs 
(content pages)

Before vs. After

Before vs. After
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